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Networking Made Easy at the NAIS Conference

As you gear up for the NAIS conference in Saint Louis this week, The Leader Network wants to help make the most of your networking opportunities. Understanding the challenges and opportunities that come with networking at such events, we've distilled key insights from the HBR article "5 Ways to Make Conference Networking Easier" by Dorie Clark—just for you. 

Key Insights:

  1. Panel Participation: Speak on a panel. It's a great way to draw like-minded individuals to you, turning networking into a more manageable, enjoyable experience.

  2. Host a Dinner: Utilize conference downtime to create intimate networking opportunities. A small, planned dinner can open doors to meaningful connections.

  3. Prepare for Chance Encounters: A little homework goes a long way. Familiarize yourself with the attendee list to make those spontaneous meetings count.

  4. Interviews as Networking: Offer to interview leaders or influencers for a school blog or podcast. It’s a generous way to engage while providing value to both parties.

  5. Strategic Wardrobe Choices: A conversation piece, like a unique accessory, can ease the initiation of discussions, making the first step of networking simpler and more natural.

It's all about creating connections that feel genuine and aligned with your personal style. 

The Leader Network is committed to your success, providing tailored, timely guidance to help you build meaningful connections that shape the future of education. Here's to a fulfilling and productive conference experience!

P.S. Your journey matters to us! Contact us at with your conference highlights or if you're seeking bespoke advice. We're in this together!

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