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Independent School Roundtables Networking

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Exploring Inspiration and Innovation in Education and Beyond

Join the conversation with The Leader Network on LinkedIn as we delve into the intersection of creative thinking, complex leadership challenges, and collaborative problem-solving. Uncover inspiring stories, strategic insights, and the latest trends shaping our dynamic world.

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Join Independent School Leaders to Connect, Collaborate and Succeed

We understand the joys and challenges of leading an independent school. That’s what inspired us to create our roundtables—a space where you connect with peers, share experiences, collaborate on solutions, and navigate leadership complexities together.

Roundtables are 90-minute virtual meetings held monthly from September to June. Over the course of the sessions, you’ll build a community of practice informed by diverse experiences and perspectives. More than just professional networks, our Roundtables are the birthplace of lasting friendships. You'll build bonds with peers who will become your go-to for insights, advice, and support throughout your career—ensuring you're never alone on the journey.

What to Expect

  • Roundtable participants share a similar role within their school (see below for a list of the roundtables we’re currently offering)

  • Each group is intentionally national in composition—ensuring you're not placed with leaders from neighboring schools, allowing you to share freely, without the worry of revealing sensitive information to nearby competitors.

  • Roundtables have 6 to 10 members in each group—large enough to spark diverse, enriching conversations, yet intimate enough to allow for deep, meaningful discussions.

  • A typical session might involve shared reflections on insightful readings, followed by moments for open discussion and mutual support. It’s a perfect balance of structured exploration and free-flowing conversation—designed to enrich your perspective and strengthen your leadership toolkit.

  • Every discussion within our roundtables is confidential—ensuring a safe and trusted space for open and honest sharing.

'24-'25 Roundtable Offerings

  • Heads of School

  • Assistant & Associate Heads of School

  • Upper School Directors

  • Middle School Directors

  • Lower School Directors

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leaders

  • Human Resources Leaders

  • Communications Leaders 

  • And more!

'23-'24 Sample Session Topics

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Setting healthy professional and personal boundaries

  • Finding joy in your work

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