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It's time for something new.

The Leader Network is the evolution of coaching and consulting for leaders of independent schools.

We’re more than (super-dedicated) coaches and consultants.
We’re also an uplifting professional network. And we’re an incubator for new ways of thinking about—and practicing—leadership.

Our Services

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Coaching & Mentoring

Our team of certified coaches represents the diversity of experience and expertise that we want to see in independent schools. We find the right coach for the right leader, tailoring our support to your needs and goals. We listen to you, help you consider your options, share resources and research, and think alongside you. Through regular, one-on-one meetings, we help you become more confident, compassionate, and creative. You’ll develop critical skills: empathy, leadership presence, effective communication, constructive feedback. The bottom line: We’re here to empower you.

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Roundtables & Networking

We bring together school leaders—from across the nation and around the world—and facilitate roundtable discussions that focus on key topics, essential themes, and complex challenges—allowing participants to share, collaborate and problem solve in a safe, supportive, and inspirational environment.

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Leadership Growth & Organizational Development

We're redefining leadership growth and organizational development with initiatives designed to ignite innovation and foster excellence. Through individualized growth plans, cohesive team-building, new head orientations, transformative group facilitations, and thoughtful strategic planning, we create spaces where leaders can thrive and drive positive change.

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