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Your New Role     Our Expertise: TheLeaderNetwork New Heads Program

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Welcome to TheLeaderNetwork's New Heads Program!

Our New Heads Program is carefully crafted to support your first year as Head of School. Our program stands out by offering:

Individualized Support


We understand the challenges and needs of each new head—providing guidance and support to enhance your unique leadership journey.

Expert-Led Instruction


Our curriculum is designed and delivered by seasoned independent school leaders—offering practical insights in areas such as Board Management, Financial Oversight, and Fundraising—for immediate, actionable outcomes.


Monthly Roundtable Sessions


Our monthly roundtables—facilitated by experienced heads of school, forge meaningful connections with fellow new heads—sharing experiences and solving problems in a comfortable, confidential setting.


Benefits of Participating

The Leader Network New Heads Program offers:
  • Networking Opportunities – Build valuable connections for professional growth and emotional support.

  • Experience Sharing – Share strategies and solutions to tap into collective wisdom.

  • Personalized Mentorship – Receive individual guidance from seasoned leaders.

  • Professional Growth – Stay informed on recent leadership trends and practices.

  • National & Global Insights – Broaden your view with worldwide perspectives.

  • Creative Problem-Solving – Collaborate for innovative solutions.

  • Stress Management – Learn strategies for balancing work and life.

Developing Essential Skills

Participation in our program ensures the development of critical leadership skills:

  • Authentic Leadership – Cultivate a compelling, decisive, and visionary style.

  • Board Management – Work effectively with Boards of Trustees.

  • Team Development – Build and lead a cohesive leadership team.

  • Fiscal Responsibility – Acquire budgeting, fundraising, and planning skills.

  • Fundraising & Advancement – Enhance and maintain financial well-being.

  • Communication – Improve engagement and foster strong relationships.

  • Cultural Competence – Create inclusive, respectful communities. 

  • Strategic Planning – Translate vision into actionable plans.

  • Crisis Management – Respond effectively to emergencies.

  • Change Leadership – Lead with innovation and adaptability.

Why Choose Us?


TheLeaderNetwork's New Heads Program is more than just a course—it's a pathway to navigating headship complexities with confidence, vision, and impact. With a strategic focus on real-world application, personalized support, and a comprehensive curriculum, you'll be fully prepared for the challenges ahead.


Questions? Comments?

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